why i love
birth photography

Birth Photography is a very special way to document & capture the journey into parenthood and all of the raw emotions that come with it.  It totally frees up dad, grandma, or the friend who is there for moral support to fully assist Mom instead of focusing on taking photos. 

The images will be there when you want to remember the fleeting memories of family and friends supporting you, the little details of your birthing room, and those first precious moments spent bonding with your new little one. 

I am so passionate about documenting this most precious day for you!  I want to capture the rawness, your incredible strength, and the beauty of it all.  I want you to be able to look back on the moment you locked eyes on your precious new baby.  The emotions still get to me at every single birth I document!  I feel so very privileged to get to capture the incredible miracle of a brand new life. 


Based out of Brandon, Mississippi, Traci Owens is an documentary-style birth photographer passionate about telling your birth story through photography.

Traci Owens Photography serves the entire MS Jackson Metro area, including Madison, Ridgeland, Brandon, and Flowood.