Gabbi | Clinton High School | Senior Photos

Meet Gabbi, everyone!  Isn't she gorgeous?  I was THRILLED when her mom, Kerri, asked me to take Gabbi's senior portraits.  I just love this family so I was pumped!  We met on a random, out of the blue (for October in Mississippi), chilly Sunday.  She had her mom, big sis (Kelsi) and boyfriend tag along.... Not to mention my sweet hubby who was our "fan" and reflector boy that day!  We had fun!  Well, I'm not sure my husband, Stephen, stepping in doggie poopie and getting in Kerri's car was "fun"! Lol!  It was quite humorous to see him riding in her car with one shoe hanging out the window to keep the smell out! Ha! Memories. And one of the most important things!  That special day was also Kerri's birthday.  Glad I got to spend it with her!

A little about Gabbi!  She is currently a senior at Clinton High School.  She has 2 beautiful, older sisters (and I photographed both of them when they were seniors)!  She plans to go to college after graduating high school.  AND she has the most gorgeous curly hair!  Obviously!  Here are a few favorites from her senior session.  Enjoy!