Birth Story | Baby Reagan

Hi all!  I had the wonderful opportunity to photography the beautiful birth of baby Reagan Marie the other night.  It was such an incredible experience to witness that beautiful miracle!  It seriously NEVER gets old.

Let me tell you a bit about this S family that I learned from the brief moment I got to spend with them!  The gorgeous mom-to-be was ridiculously beautiful even on that "birth" day.  The father-to-be was incredibly supportive and you could SEE the love he has for this woman.  You could feel the love in the room.  What a great set of parents I KNOW they will be!  They were goofy, silly, & so much fun to be around!  And their parents... Oh my.  Ahhh... I could have talked with them for hours.  Well, I guess I did!!

I want to say congrats again to this wonderful family & I am forever grateful that I got to be a part of their special day.