Birth Story | River Oaks Hospital | Flowood, MS

It was 2:30am when I got the text that it was "go time".   I don't think I have gotten dressed & out the door so quickly in my whole life!  We thought Baby A was going to be born in the middle of the night, but he had other plans!  I got to River Oaks Hospital at 3:00am & Mama was ready to push.  After an hour, they decided to take a break since he was obviously not having it!  She went back & forth with pushing and resting all the way up until 7am when little A made his grand appearance!  It was SO worth the wait! I love photographing Birth Stories so much.  It is so exhilarating & I love seeing a family grow right before my eyes!  What an awesome experience.  I loved getting to know them and getting to meet their new baby boy.  Congrats J & A!

Stamps family | Birth Story | Becoming family of 5

I got the honor recently of photographing the birth of sweet baby Caroline!  I loved getting to know & spend time with the Stamps family during the short & quick wait of Caroline's arrival.  They are the coolest, most laid-back family.  So easy-going!  A special awesome side note about this birth is that no one knew the gender of their new little one.  It was especially exciting since they already had two precious BOYS!  The sheer shock & awe on Dad's face was awesome.  So fun.  He was even betting on it being a boy right up until it was go-time!  It was so heart-warming to see the love & excitement on the family's faces when it was announced "It's a girl!".   Afterwards, while watching baby Caroline through the nursery windows, you could hear "Sweeeeeeet Caroline! Bum bum bum!" being sung by the family all down the hall.  Such a close-knit, loving family that I am honored to have met.  For more info or questions on what a Birth Story Session is like, check out my FAQ page!

Congrats again to Kaysey & Clay!